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Historic compound: While this compound has been used to interrogate specific protein targets, it is not a chemical probe and should not be used in assays that depend on a potent and selective modulator of the protein.
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Talabostat is a nonselective inhibitor for DPP4, FAP, DPP8, and DPP9 studied in clinical trials for the treatment of solid tumor malignancy and advanced stage nonsmall cell lung cancer; the available evidence did not reveal a sufficiently robust therapeutic response to merit further clinical development (136, 137). Furthermore, treatment of DPP4 null (Dpp4−/− or Cd26−/−) mice with PT-100 demonstrated stimulation of cytokine and chemokine production and a reduction in tumor incidence, suggesting that inhibition of DPP4 is not the main molecular target for these actions of PT-100. DOI: 10.1210/er.2014-1035


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