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Please let us know of any probes (or Historic Compounds) that should be included in The Chemical Probes Portal. We are interested in probes for a diverse range of protein targets. Portal staff will post probes for SAB review that meet the following criteria:

Simply fill out the form below, and portal staff will create a new probe record in our database and contact you or an appropriate point of contact to review and supplement the probe data set. Once the record is complete, we will post the probe for public view and review by our SAB. For more information about review, see The SAB Rating System.

The form below can also be used for compounds that should not be used as probes. "Historic compounds" are small molecules that are typically non-selective or not sufficiently potent compared with other available chemical probes to merit the probe designation.  


What happens after I suggest a probe?

1. If you are not an author who initially reported the probe, your suggestion will prompt us to contact the appropriate person to review and add to the probe record. Thank you!

2. If you are an author who initially reported the probe, we will contact you about reviewing the initial record so that your probe can be added to the Portal. 


Please note that only "one submission" can be done with each email address, for multiple probe submissions please contact us.

Please provide the name and any common aliases
If available, please provide the PubChem CID for this compound or the ChEMBL ID.
While the Portal may host unpublished probes in the future, for now we require at least one publication describing a candidate probe. Please provide a title, PMID, and/or DOI.
Please provide any common aliases
Please specify in vitro potency against target (nM)
Please specify potency against selected target (nM)
Please specify if the probe has been used in vivo
If you are an author who has reported this probe, we will contact you to review and supplement the data record once we have created it. If not, please indicate an appropriate contact in the comments section below if you know of one. Otherwise, we will contact the corresponding author on the paper provided.
Please let us know if you have any other notes on this probe - inlcuding recommendations for a point of contact to review the probe annotations.
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