The Chemical Probes Portal initiative depends on the ideas, input, and support of many throughout the research community. Some of the key groups behind the Portal include:

The Portal Board of Governors governs the organization.

The Portal Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) advises portal staff on all aspects of the Portal’s content, including the fields presented on the chemical probe pages, the data presented in those fields, and strategic growth plans. The SAB also provides our expert content: probe ratings and comments, and SAB members are leaders in the fields of medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, pharmacology, and related fields. All SAB members agree to follow the Portal's conflict of interest policy.

If you would like to be considered for the Portal SAB, please submit your application here.

The Team do everything else, from creating and populating the database to creating the user interface (website), conceiving and executing operations and growth plans, raising funds for the organization, interacting with our regulatory and advisory boards, building external partnerships and all the planning and administrative work that keep the Portal running.