Submit Tyrosine Kinase Probes Today!

The Chemical Probes Portal is excited to announce a growth campaign focusing on the Tyrosine Kinases. This class of proteins is already known to contain important drug targets, as the class includes many growth factor receptors that drive tumor growth. Tyrosine kinases come in two basic flavors, receptor and non-receptor kinases, and not all of them have been well studied.

We know that it is now relatively easy to generate compounds that have broad inhibitory activity against this class of proteins. We are looking for compounds that are a little harder to come by, those that are both potent and selective in cellular systems.

We are currently working to identify the best available chemical probes that target proteins in this class. We are also looking for any compounds that are not suitably selective but are commonly misused as probes (Historic compounds) for the Tyrosine kinases.

  • If you’ve generated a chemical probe for a tyrosine kinase, please submit it.
  • If you know of an excellent probe, please nominate it.
  • If you know of a historic compound, please let us know about it.

All submissions and nominations can be submitted to the Portal here.

Submit your probes and nominations as soon as possible so we can share helpful information about this important target class with our users in the coming weeks.

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