The Portal partners with chemical probe vendors to streamline access to high quality reagents

At the Chemical Probes Portal, our mission is to help change the way scientists find and use chemical probes. In addition to providing expert recommendations that guide probe selection and use, we aim to help make it easier for scientists to gain access to the high quality reagents they need to perform robust and reliable experiments. Thus, we are pleased to provide links from our chemical probe pages to the pages of trusted vendors where users can obtain the chemical probes they need.

To find the links, navigate to the probe page of interest and scroll down to “Prove Availability.” This content is located just above the Comments box on each probe page. If the chemical probe is available from one of our content partners, the name of the partner as well as the name of the probe or its CAS number will appear with a link.

We are proud to collaborate with Sigma-Aldrich (MilliporeSigma) and Tocris (Bio-Techne) to bring you these links. If you are a chemical vendor and would like to collaborate with the Portal, please contact us. Similarly, if you are a scientist and would like to make your chemical probe(s) available through one of our collaborating vendors, contact us, and we can help facilitate this process.

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