A new home for the Chemical Probes Portal

Have you tested the new Portal site yet? We're creating a new home for the Chemical Probes Portal, new.chemicalprobes.org which makes it easier than ever to get quality information about small molecule inhibitors and other chemical tools and to find expert recommendations on these. 

Head to new.chemicalprobes.org for a faster search, a dedicated information centre about chemical probes, and an online probe submission form.

Behind the scenes, a brand new system supports the database and enhanced capabilities of the new platform. This makes it quicker and more intuitive to seach for compounds and submit a new probe and will prepare the way for new features. 

The Chemical Probes Portal is the only expert-curated database for information about chemical probes and small molecule tools and we want to make sure that it will continue to be an essential resource for biomedical researchers. So are keen to hear from you. 

Spotted something that doesn’t look right? Or want to comment on something you like? Please do let us know. We’re still testing and improving the new site, so please share with us any feedback or ideas you have for functions you want to see in the future.

Many thanks from the Portal Team. 

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