New chemical probes released

We are pleased to announce the publication of new chemical probes in the Portal. We have now released validation data for the probes listed below. These probes are still under review by our SAB so it will take a few weeks for ratings and recommendations to emerge. Stay tuned, as we will be releasing more probes as well as inviting new submissions over the coming weeks and months! You can also submit your published probes or suggest we add particular probes anytime.

BI-9564               BRD9, BRD7

BAZ2-ICR           BAZ2A, BAZ2B

I-BRD9                BRD9

LP99                   BRD9, BRD7

GSK2801            BAZ2A, BAZ2B

CCT241533         CHEK2

ABPA3                  UBA1, UBA3


STO609                CAMKK1, CAMKK2

BMS-911543         JAK2

JAK3i                    JAK3

KHCB19               CLK1, CLK4, DYRK1A

Cortistatin A         CDK8, CDK19

UNC3866             CBX7, CBX4

CCT244747         CHEK1

Are you an expert on chemical probes? If so, please consider joining our SAB to help us vet these probes.


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