featured in Nature Chemical Biology ‘Greatest Hits’

To mark its fifteenth anniversary, the latest issue of Nature Chemical Biology (Volume 16 Issue 6, June 2020) has named a selection of papers they describe as their ‘Greatest Hits’ over the last five years.

We feel honoured that one of the selected papers is the Arrowsmith et al Commentary that highlighted the ‘promise and perils of chemical probes’ and announced the launch of the Chemical Probes Portal — described as a ‘a community-driven wiki resource to improve quality and convey current best practice.’

The paper was highlighted as the 'Most Probing Analysis' with the following citation: 

‘Chemical probes—small molecules that reversibly, potently, and selectively modulate biomolecular targets—are essential chemical biology tools for interrogating biological systems. In a highly influential Commentary, a leading group of probe developers called on the field to raise the bar on validation and applications of chemical probes by setting now widely accepted standards.’

Since the publication of the paper considerable further progress has been made on the Portal, for example we have now curated >200 probes against >200 targets with further expansion and other enhancements underway. 

Original 2020 paper in Nature Chemical Biology can be found here

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