David P. Siderovski

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The long-standing research focus of the Siderovski lab has been in the field of regulators of heterotrimeric G-protein signaling, having discovered the G-alpha GAP superfamily (‘RGS proteins’) in 1996 based on T-lymphocyte activation as well as yeast-complementation studies. In 1999, Dr. Siderovski also discovered the GoLoco motif protein family of G-alpha•GDP dissociation inhibitors based on bioinformatic analyses. These discoveries led to Dr. Siderovski being awarded the prestigious John J Abel Award from the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics as the outstanding American pharmacologist under 40 in 2004. Since these initial discoveries, his research into the function of novel regulators in G-protein signal transduction has led to over 140 high-profile papers, reviews, and book chapters on the topic. As a complement to this basic science focus on G-protein regulators, Dr. Siderovski also has both industrial and academic experience in high-throughput screening and small-molecule discovery programs, beginning with a multi-year stint in the 1990s at the AMGEN Institute (Toronto, Canada), where he was responsible for leveraging basic research discoveries into new drug discovery projects at Amgen. These early industrial efforts resulted in three issued patents.